Toyota SUVs for Sale in Texas

Toyota SUV models are known around the world for their performance and dependability, and this latest generation brings added versatility to the table in order to offer some of the most exciting SUV options you'll find anywhere in Texas. Regardless of where you happen traveling, on a quick trip to your local Katy supermarket or on a family excursion to the beach, you can relax knowing that your new Toyota Highlander, 4Runner, CH-R or RAV4 will be there to help you arrive at your destination in impressive SUV style. Carefully engineered and crafted to be both rugged and refined, new Toyota SUV models are set to define the entire class.

Toyota C-HR

The dynamic design and available color options of the new Toyota CH-R help these innovative crossovers stand out on the streets of Texas for all the right reasons. Nimble and agile, there's simply no place Toyota CH-R can't go.

New Toyota C-HR
New Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4

From an available two-tone roof to a selection of 17- and 18-in. alloy wheels, we can help find a new Toyota RAV4 that will help you stand out. Easily express your own unique sense of style in a new RAV4 from Toyota of Katy.

Toyota Highlander

With their available LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and bold front grille and, there's no shortage of style with these latest Highlander models. Make a powerful first impression on the streets of Katy in your new Toyota Highlander.

New Toyota Highlander
New Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner

Innovative off-road tech that includes available Crawl Control (CRAWL) can help you and your 4Runner reach the most remote areas of the map. 4Runner's proven body-on-frame construction has helped them conquer the off-road for over 30 years.

Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser gets Katy owners where they're wanting to go in premium full-size SUV style. Expertly engineered to excel in all areas and be able to overcome any obstacle, Land Cruiser doesn't care what the road or weather conditions are.

New Toyota Land Cruiser
New Toyota Sequoia


Toyota Sequoia allows Texas owners to breathe easier knowing they'll be able get from point A to B, and wherever the roads lead after. Known for their all-around SUV excellence, the new Sequoia lineup can help take outdoor adventure to a different level.

Toyota SUVs Katy TexasNew Toyota SUVs Katy TexasToyota SUV Models Katy Texas

Five Frequently Asked Questions About a Toyota SUV

Which Toyota SUV should I buy?

At Toyota of Katy, we offer several Toyota SUV models:  Toyota CH-R, Toyota RAV4 and the RAV4 Hyrbrid, Toyota Highlander, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Land Cruiser, and the newest Toyota crossover hybrid, the Toyota Venza. Choosing a SUV, as well as select features on each model, depends on many factors for different people, such as budget and financing, family size, estimated daily driving distance, and needed cargo space. Larger families or those that enjoy frequent weekend adventures may want to consider the larger SUV models for extra space and passenger accommodations. Those that regularly travel through busy the busy streets of Houston or neighboring cities, such as Katy or Cypress, may enjoy the performance of a RAV4, C-HR or Venza. Our Katy Toyota dealership sales team is happy to help you find the one you need and answer all your questions while you explore your SUV options! 

Is a Toyota SUV harder to drive than a car?

Some customers who are considering moving from a car to a Toyota SUV may worry that the SUV is less agile, and more difficult to park in busy or congested city streets. They also may think that the typically larger body of a SUV lends to a more difficult driving experience. However, SUV drivers know that today's SUVs are fun and easy to maneuver, regardless of other vehicle or pedestrian traffic. SUVs are higher off the ground, making it easier to enter and exit traffic, as well as improve the driver's visibility to see around taller vehicle in front of them. Another significant pro for choosing a SUV over a car, is that improved parking and stability control technology has made SUVs much safer, and easier to maneuver. 

What are the types of Toyota SUVs?

There are several types and sizes of Toyota SUVs available: mini, compact, full-length, and extended. Customers can also choose between fuel types, gasoline-only or a Toyota Hybrid. While mini and compact SUVs, also referred to as Toyota crossovers, have less space than their bigger counterparts, they provide the greatest fuel efficiency. The mid to full length, as well as the extended SUVs, offer extra seating space, up to seven passengers on mid to full length, and up to eight on extended SUVs. Different seating options are available  in higher trim levels, and tend to be more popular with larger families. Regardless of size, SUV models offer more headroom, legroom, and cargo space. 

Can I lease or finance a Toyota SUV?

Yes! At Toyota of Katy, we offer monthly lease and finance specials on selected Toyota models, including Toyota SUV models. If you are nearing the end of your lease, regardless of where you originally leased your Toyota, our sales team can help you with lease-end choices. Whether you choose to continue to lease, or trade up and finance a newer Toyota SUV, our Katy Toyota dealership has plenty of options, and our sales team can help you navigate through the process. We can assist you in making the decision that's right for you. 

Does my Toyota SUV come with Apple CarPlay®?

Yes! Apple CarPlay® was introduced in 2014, allowing complete integration with your smartphone and theSUV's infotainment screen. All 2020 Toyota SUVs, except for the Land Cruiser, have Apple CarPlay®. However, push-to-talk compatibility only works on these 2020 SUV models: 4Runner, C-HR, Highlander, RAV4, and Sequoia. This simple software allows drivers to use apps on their iPhone, like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Apple Music, Spotify, Podcasts, and more. To use Apple CarPlay®, make sure that it and Siri are both enabled on your phone, and then simply select the MENU button the audio multimedia display, and then tap on the Apple CarPlay® icon on the multimedia system. Once enabled, Entune® 3.0 App Suite8 will be disabled while Apple CarPlay is in use.