Compare the 2022 Tacoma to the Competition

Toyota Tacoma vs Ford Ranger Comparison

Tacoma continues to shatter the glass ceiling when it comes to the modern day mid-size pickup. Thanks to the smooth craftsmanship of their timeless truck body style and new innovative technologies, there's no limit to what the 2022 Tacoma can help you accomplish. Engineered for off-road adventure and crafted to stand out, there's a whole lot to like when it comes to the 2022 Toyota Tacoma, but we wanted to see how they'd stand up when matched with one of their closest competitors. After this side-by-side comparison of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma and the 2022 Ford Ranger, we think that choosing the top mid-size pickup is easy for uor Texas customers.

Tacoma Performance Features

Performance Features

  • Tacoma 21.1 gallon fuel tank capacity vs Ranger 18 gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Tacoma 3.5L engine vs Ranger 2.3L engine
  • Tacoma 6700 lb max trailering capacity vs Ranger 3500 lb max trailering capacity

Interior Features

  • Tacoma 6 speaker audio system vs Ranger 4 speaker audio system
  • Tacoma 8-inch touchscreen vs Ranger 8-inch touchscreen
  • Tacoma standard Toyota Safety Sense™ vs Ranger standard Ford Co-Pilot 360™
Tacoma Interior Features

Whether exploring the Texas off-road or traveling cross-country, the 2022 Tacoma can handle whatever comes your way. While both of these pickups offer some of the same features, Tacoma has a clear performance advantage with its larger engine and larger towing capacity. When it comes to cabin features, both the Tacoma and Ranger are equipped with innovative safety systems that work to keep occupants secure. While both trucks offer 8-inch touchscreens, Tacoma ups the entertainment value with a more advanced audio setup. Taking everything into account, the 2022 Tacoma comes out on top when it comes to the features that matter the most to our Texas customers.