2023 Toyota Tundra vs Toyota Tacoma

2023 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2023 Toyota Tundra

Should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or a Toyota Tundra?

We know Toyota Trucks are something to be respected. That's because almost every Houston driver has seen Toyota trucks that have survived the Texas climate for decades. In the most inhospitable conditions, Toyota Trucks are trusted to do the job. Whether hauling hay bales or navigating an offroad trail, Toyota Trucks are a solid choice. Countless Houston area drivers go to Toyota of Katy for our trusted sales staff and wide selection of new Toyota trucks. Often times our customers have trouble deciding between a new Toyota Tundra and the new Toyota Tacoma because they offer something a little different but are both very capable. The Toyota Tundra generally is considered to be a heavier-duty work truck, while the Toyota Tacoma is a more nimble pickup truck with tremendous offroad capabilities. Read more below about how these two Toyota trucks compare.

2023 Toyota Tundra Specs vs 2023 Toyota Tacoma Specs

2023 Toyota Tundra vs. 2023 Toyota Tacoma
i-FORCE 3.4L Twin-Turbo V6, 389 hp @ 5200 rpm, 479 lb.-ft. @ 2400 rpm Standard Engine 3.5L V6 Gasoline Engine 278 HP 265 Lb.-Ft.
12,000 lbs Max Tow Capacity 6,800 lbs
96.5 inches Max Available Bed Length 73.7 inches
252.2 Inches Overall Max Length 212.3 inches
Available 14-inch Touch-screen Touch Screen Size Available 8-inch Touch-Screen